Winter Vacation
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Winter Vacation on Lake Erie

What do sand, beach and Lake Erie turn into during the winter months?

They turn into snow and ice. The snoozing sound of the waves we love in the summer is replaced by absolute stillness. We miss the songs of the birds and hear the mysterious cracking and creaking of the ice that has covered the lake.

Looking from our porch onto Lake Erie we feel that we just have to go on a walk. 

Once the ice is solid we can walk for hours accompanied by sun shine and blue skies and crisp fresh air. 

 Cottages nestled along the beach give us some orientation until finally we see ...

...the distinctive silhouette of our vacation rental on the shore of Argyle Beach.

We look back at the Lake before we sit down in front of the fire place.

At dawn or in the late afternoon the light plays on the ice and transforms the bright landscape into a colourful painting.

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